“Smile, you son of a Bitch!”

3 11 2013

My first experience in the monster art scene of LA was a success. Of all the themes’s in the world, it happened to be about my all time favorite movie. A movie that left such a dramatic impact on every single person, even to this day still keeps people out of the water.  JAWS has been my inspiration ever since i was little. It’s the root to my body of work. It’s the main reason why I paint sharks. To be apart of an event like this meant the world me. A once in a life time opportunity. Loaded with professional artists from all over the world, I knew I had to put forth strong work. I made the best of it and gave the LA scene something to hopefully remember…my name. Hero Complex Gallery and PangeaSeed came together and really put on an unforgetable event. From JAWS movie props, puppets and of course the artwork, it was an amazing atmosphere that kept a huge crowd entertained from start to finish. I’m honored and forever gratful to have been apart of such great event. Can’t wait to work with HCG on future shows. Check out the links below to see more of the behind the scenes from the “Smile, you son of a Bitch!” art event.


Here are some of the reviews leading up to the show…





This scene in the movie is one of my favorites. The whole ‘Mano a Mano’, ‘Do or Die’, ‘Kill or be killed’ type attitude makes this particular scene my favorite. Here is my piece, “This shark, swallow you whole” I did for the event.


Check out some of the reviews after the show…



Here a few of my favorite pieces from the show, even purchsed a couple. Artists like Craig Drake, JC. Richard, Casey Callender and Erin Gallagher and a ton more…

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Here are some other awesome stuff from throught out the event…

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“Proceed with Caution” solo exhibition

25 07 2013

Proceed with Caution was one for the books, had a damn good time! I want to send a HUGE thanks to all my family and friends for coming out and showing the love and support. It wouldn’t have been anything without you guys. I want to thank Visual SD for giving me the opportunity to showcase my work and putting everything together. A huge thanks to @citybeat @artpulse and @pacificmagazine for taking the time to write articles about the show too. Deeply appreciated. I tip my cap to all of you for making last night a success. Thank you for the memories, and look forward to seeing all of you at the next show. Cheers!

Also, check out some of the articles writen about the show!









“Proceed with Caution” solo exhibition **coming soon***

24 06 2013

72 dpi

For my first solo exhibition, “Proceed with Caution”, I left nothing behind. The body of work that will be on display, is a creative mix of what i’m about. Bright colors, Marine Life and my favorite childhood Nightmare Creatures. I paint these images using various styles, color combos, balance and lighting. My styles range from Urban Abstract, Surrealism and Photo-realism. I use a wide range of mediums to execute each piece such as Aerosols, Acrylic, and more. I find my inspiriation through life in our oceans, natural colors, lighting, and what I see in my dreams. Constantly creating between reality and imagination. Ive dedicated the last six months prepping for this event. I put in countless hours and energy into each and every piece. Art to me, keeps the mind and spirit alive. I live for this shit…

Check out the “Proceed with Caution” trailer




Good times San Diego…

21 05 2013

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#warehouse1425…..This Friday!!!

13 05 2013

#warehouse1425 has been completelty transformed into something San Diego doesn’t get a chance to see very often. Curated by Chris Konecki, he has brought to you a very diverse group of San Diego talent under one vibrant roof. Be sure to get there early enough to beat the crowds…check out the behind the scenes madness photos below.

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#Warehouse 1425 **ONE NIGHT ONLY**

7 05 2013





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